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Living in a society where Shaytaan has de-
ceived us into falsehood, we see the fu-
ture of this ummah fall into the evils of soci-
ety, many of us see that we have lost our
identity as muslims. Sister Haleemah details
in this article how we as young muslims,
and also the older generation, can return
back to the origins of our identity as mus-
lims and improve our situation as an um-
Aishah Hasan was an intel-
ligent girl. She loved to re-
flect on the words of Allah,
and she loved to study the
life of the prophet Muham-
mad (May peace and bless-
ings be upon him) and his
companions. Aishah loved
wearing her headscarf, in
fact she wore nothing but
the Islamic dress, and she
could care less what fashion
critics considered what was
attractive, and what was
not! She felt strong in her
faith, and she knew the im-
portance of making good use
of her time and health. Al-
though Aishah seemed to be
the definition of an ideal
muslimah, she soon found
out that one particular test
in life, would be one that
she would never forget.
One morning, Aishah decided
to go out and sit on her
porch so that she could gaze
upon Allah's beautiful crea-
tion and reflect upon it.
By: Sister Haleemah Harris