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Living in a society where Shaytaan has de-
ceived us into falsehood, we see the fu-
ture of this ummah fall into the evils of soci-
ety, many of us see that we have lost our
identity as muslims. Sister Haleemah details
in this article how we as young muslims,
and also the older generation, can return
back to the origins of our identity as mus-
lims and improve our situation as an um-
As she was staring at
the swaying trees and
the singing birds, her
abruptly broken. Her
eye's caught two young
skimpy clothing, curs-
ing, and talking loudly
(such as boyfriends). Ai-
shah decided to go back
inside and watch some
television; surely she
could find something
beneficial on television,
right? Yet again Aishah
was disappointed as she
saw men and women
airing their dirty laundry
and exposing their sex
scandals to the public.
Annoyed, Aishah de-
cided to go for a walk,
but was disappointed
time after time, as she
heard loud music blast-
neighbourhood, she saw
men and women openly
fornicating, she saw ex-
treme groups handing
out flyers ranting and
raving, she saw people
fighting everywhere. In
a society as such, Aishah
noticed that no one
seemed to care about
being righteous and do-
ing what is right. Aishah
began to feel de-
pressed, the next day
wasn't any different,
neither was the day af-
ter that, and so society
continued to indulge in
evil. Aishah felt strange,
and alone. Although she
had experienced weak-
ness before, this time
her weakness was much
more overwhelming.
Take a look around my
muslim brothers and sis-
ters. What do you see?
Do you see what Aishah
Hasan has seen?
By: Sister Haleemah Harris