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? A world full of sex, drugs, and
music! What do you hear? Do
you hear the foul language be-
ing used regularly amongst peo-
ple? How about the useless gos-
sip we are surrounded by, is
that what you hear? Ask your-
selves, what do people dream
about? Pay attention to the peo-
ple around you, and their ac-
tions, and you will find that
most people dream about
money, cars, materialistic
things, and the opposite sex.
Most people live for their de-
sires, and with each look you
take, with each word you hear,
it's not hard to figure out that
most people are misguided!
Who are these people that Ai-
shah saw? Some will say that it
was the non-believers that she
observed, but those "some"
would be wrong! We as Muslims
already know what to expect
from the unbelievers, Aishah's
weakness came from observing
her Muslim brothers and sisters
in Islam!