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Even though you may be feeling
like Aishah felt, sad, lonely, and
depressed, be patient and ask
Allah to give you strength. An
excellent teacher and scholar of
Islam, sister Laila Nasheeba of-
ten reminds her students, that
the true believers are few, and
that there is no easy ticket to
Paradise. The prophet (pbuh) in
his years of prophet hood, ex-
perienced great trials that none
of us can ever bear. He experi-
enced his uncles plotting to
murder him; he looked around
and saw what we see today! He
saw idol worshippers, he saw
the lewdness and vulgarity of
the people around him, and he
saw that the majority of the
people wanted only to follow
their own desires. The wrongdo-
ers were very determined to si-
lence the prophet Muhammad
(pbuh) to the extent they would
plot to kill, mock, or belittle
the people who chose to live
the way Allah had commanded.
Despite the trials, the Prophet
(pbuh) knew his purpose, and
was determined to continue to