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fulfil his purpose no
matter what! What a
beautiful example we
have in the prophet
(pbuh), Allah tells us in
the Qur'an, that " In-
deed we have in His
Messenger a beautiful
So let us be like the
prophet (pbuh), and
persevere putting our
trust in Allah and re-
membering our purpose,
which is to worship Al-
lah Alone.
We have to fight hard
not to be like the weak
that we see going astray
on a daily basis!
can we read Qur'an if
we are too busy listen-
ing to music?
How can
we guard our chastity if
we are too busy worry-
ing and lusting over the
opposite sex?
? How can
we come together in
true brotherhood and
sisterhood, if we are too
busy following our own
desires, and how can we
say we love Allah and
His Messenger (pbuh), if
we won't even accept
all of Allah's commands,
and we won't follow the
example that Allah pro-
vided in the Prophet Mu-
hammad (pbuh)? The
Prophet (pbuh) said,
"there is nothing that
will take you closer to
paradise but that I have
enjoined it upon you,
and there is nothing
that will take you closer
to Hell but that I have
warned you from it".
When the trials, and
tribulations of the world
become too much, and
your heart feels weak,
revive it with the Sun-
nah of the prophet Mu-
hammad (saw).