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Look at the prophet's (saw)
struggle, and study how he han-
dled his struggles. When the
temptations of the world feel
like they are getting stronger,
seek refuge from it, knowing
that Allah will never test you
beyond your scope. Know that
Allah has blessed us all with the
example of the prophet (pbuh),
a man who by Allah's leave, has
taught us all how to get closer
to Allah, and through Allah's
Mercy and Will, has taught us
how to obtain Paradise. The
prophet (pbuh) says:
" will live to see great
difference, so cling to my Sun-
nah and the Sunnah of the
rightly guided caliphs after me,
even if it be with your teeth."
May Allah bless you oh believers
in this journey of the revival of
the fittest. Ameen.