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# 1: I Love to Hijab!
In an era in where the headscarf is a national voting issue, a Muslimah can find her-
self caught in the chaos. But for those of us who are steadfast in our observance of
Allah's commands, we do not consider trading in our jilbabs for jumpers even for a
When I step outside, I know that my hijab sets me apart from my co-workers, fam-
ily, and peers. I carry a badge of honor not just on my body, but in my heart. And to
make it even better, we
hijabi's sure look fly doing it!
Subhanallah, I love my night black hijab, but the next day I may feel inspired to wear
my pink jilbab and a matching scarf. And the compliments? Who needs them! But,
even non-Muslims admire our style of dress, for we epitomize elegance, femininity,
and inner strength.
As we fulfill our obligations to Allah ta' ala, we must constantly strive to purify our
hearts. Our thought-process when dressing is not, "What will so-and-so think when
they see me?" Instead, the true hijabi wonders what does Allah Al-Basir (The All-
Seeing) think. Will our Rabb compliment us on the Day of Judgment? Such is the
fretful consciousness that drives us to cover our bodies properly while seizing ad-
vantage of our right to express our individuality.
Prints, pastels, pashminas, and polka dots are just some of the many options for a
Muslimah desiring to be distinct yet true to herself and her Din. So, when some
bloke asks you "Are you hot in that," smile and reflect on the best shade of all: the
shade of Allah.
May Allah give us strength, patience, and light. Ameen.
Confessions of a Convert"
by A. Muslimah