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One of the most daunting say-
ings of the prophet (sa) is the fol-
lowing hadith:

It is narrated on the author-
ity of Abu Huraira that the
Messenger of Allah (may
peace be upon him) said:
Islam initiated as some-
thing strange, and it would
revert to its (old position) of
being strange. so good tid-
ings for the stranger. - Mus-

One might ask, what is daunting
about this hadith? To answer,
one must understand the hadith

Islam occurred during an era in
which the world experienced its
most bleakest moment . The fall
of Rome and the Renaissance
marked this era The Dark
Ages, and people around the
world lost hope as they wit-
nessed the collapse of their so-
cieties, culture and values.

In this setting, word began to
travel of a strange new way of
life that propagated equality
By: Sister Laila Nasheeba