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amongst the sexes, rights to
slaves, and kind treatment
towards the poor and or-
phans. It was this strange
ideology that aroused not
only the curiosity of the rest
of the world, but also hope
and values deemed lost for-
So thus Islam began as
something strange...

Fast forward to the present.
Fourteen centuries after the
advent of Islam, we find the
Dark Ages replaced by an
era of Digital Technology.
Islam has become the sec-
ond largest religion of the
world; and due to misrepre-
sentation by deviant extrem-
ists, all eyes are glued to the
middle east in terror, unlike
how they were glued there in
the past due to hope.

Once considered a way of
life epitomizing peace and
justice for all, Islam now for
many epitomizes terror, due
to the deviants who misrep-
resent it. As these deviants
of Islam grow in numbers, Is-
lamic values begin to dimin-
ish, even more so at the
death of the scholar of Islam.

At the beginning of this era;
within what seemed to be
months apart, Islam experi-
enced the lost of three of its
best learned men; Sheikh
Albani, Sheikh Uthaymeen
and Sheikh Bin Bazz. This
year alone the Islamic world
took another great loss with
the death of Dr. Saleh as
Saleh who was a keen advo-
cate of true Islamic values.

So thus as the learned die,
so does Islamic knowledge
and values with them, leav-
ing the people alone to their
fears and anxieties, much as
it was in the past. And no
wonder, for Islam`s Prophet
Muhammad said it would
come to be: