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Sooner or later everyone
is to taste death...
The topic of death is one
that we should all take
heed and ponder upon.
The life of this world is
only temporary and de-
ceiving. When Allah de-
crees for you to die,
there is no escape nor is
there any turning back.
Allah says in the inter-
pretation of the meaning
"every soul shall taste
death" [3:185]. The re-
ality is that everyone will
die at a time and a place
that is only known by
the most high. There is
no hiding from it, for
absolutely nothing is hid-
den from Allah. The signs
of Allah are clear as we
witness many passing
away. So many wonder,
what will happen to
them in the grave? The
Prophet (sallallaahu
'alaihi wa sallam) has
told us what will happen
to the dying person.
In the moments of every
dying person agony is
experienced Allah says in
the interpretation of the
meaning "and the agony
of death comes in truth,
and that is what you