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At these moments Shay-
tan will do everything to
get us to denounce our
belief in Allah. Today, so
many weak Muslims give
in to the whispers of
Shaytan. How will it be
for them when death
approaches them? Will
they easily give in to the
whispers of Shaytan and
take their seat in the
punishment of Hell?
When the angle of death
is commanded by Allah
to take the soul and the
soul reaches and passes
the throat, life comes to
an end. The heavy, life-
less body is then
wrapped in a shroud
buried in the ground
alone, covered in dirt. As
the body of the disbe-
liever is being taking
away for burial, they will
be questioned ,,where are
you taking me?...where
are you taking me...?
and will fear to be placed
in their grave and plead
Allah for a second
chance. But as for the
believer, they will yearn
to be placed in their

For those who believe in
Allah and obey His com-
mand, the trials of the
grave will be eased