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But for those who disbe-
lieve in Allah and disobey
His commands, for them
shall they earn what
they deserve, the tor-
ment of the grave.

The torment of the grave
for the hypocrite is se-
vere. Alone and covered
in the earth, no sound do
they hear but the foot
steps of those leaving the
burial. The Prophet
(sallallaahu 'alaihi wa
sallam) told us that when
the dead person is buried
two angles - who are
black and blue in color -
named Munkar and an-
Nakeer will inquire the
dead asking ,,how is your
Lord With hesitation
and an expression of sor-
row, the hypocrite will
mumble ,,I dont know. It
will then be asked ,,what
is your religion? the
hypocrite will say ,,Huh?
Humm...I dont know.
Then it will be asked
,,what did you used to
say about this man
(Muhammad) ? The
hypocrite will reply ,,I
heard the people saying
something about this
man, but I dont know
about him. For every
wrong answer the hypo-
crite is hit with an iron
bare. The angels will re-
ply ,,we knew that you
would say that. An
opening is made for him