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In paradise and it will
be said to him ,,look at
what Allah has refused
you from. And another
opening will be made in
the direction of the fire
and will be told ,,this is
your place, you lived
upon doubt and you died
upon it. So the hypo-
crites grave will be made
narrowed for him. It will
be said to the earth,
,,crush him. And the
hypocrite will be crushed
over and over again. The
cry will be heard by eve-
rything that comes near
it except for man and
jinn. The hypocrite will
remain in this state of
torment until the Day of
When the two angels
Munkar and Nakeer ap-
proach the believing
Muslim, they will be told
to sit up and will be
asked "Who is your
Lord" With firmness the
believer will reply ,,Allah
is my lord. And then it
will be asked ,,what is
your religion? The be-
liever will reply ,,my re-
ligion is Islam. And then
will be asked ,,what did
you use to say about this
man (Muhammad) ? and
the believer will reply
"Muhammad, the mes-
senger of Allah come to
us with clear signs from
Allah..." Then an opening
is made in the direction
of the fire and it will be