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said to him ,,look at what
Allah, the exalted has
saved you from. And
then another opening
will be made from the
direction of paradise and
the believer will be told
,,this is your place. Due
to the firm answers that
the believer gives, the
grave will be widened
and illuminated with
light. Then it will be told
to the believer, ,,sleep, as
the newly married
sleeps. And the believer
will remain in this state
until Allah raises him up
from his place of sleep.

In conclusion, as Muslims
we should live our lives as
each day is our last. Each
and every one of us
needs to take the time
and ask: What have I
done to prepare for
death? Have I repented
for my sins? Have I per-
formed my five daily
prayers? Do I own any
debt? Have I made
amends with all those
whom I hurt with my
tongue or my hands? Do
I have any grudges to-
wards anyone? Have I
been sincere to Allah, the
one who created me?
Have I followed and
obeyed His messenger like
He commanded me?

The prophet (sallallaahu