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On the other hand we see those who believe that
their Islam is in their hearts and therefore do not re-
quire searching and learning the essence of this relig-
ion. Thus as an Ummah we range from the two far ex-
tremes. However here at Sunnahfollowers we as stu-
dents can truly attest to the beneficial knowledge
taught by renowned, dedicated scholars such as our
beautiful Sister Laila Nasheeba. Indeed few are the
true scholars in today's corrupt society; however we at
SunnahFollowers are truly blessed to be taught by
such great teachers.
Many of us come from different background ranging
from staunch Catholic Christians, to Hindus, and other
factions of Muslim groups. While many of us have little
or no similarity between us, what binds the black Afri-
can American and former white racist skin-head is the
character and personality set by our beautiful Prophet
Muhammad (saw). Thus learning his sunnah and reviv-
ing it in this society is of great importance and need,
which we greatly lack in today's society. May Allah re-
ward our dedicated teachers, especially our Sister
Laila Nasheeba whose ongoing struggle and determi-
nation has made SunnahFollowers what it is today.
May Allah grant her a peaceful, serene, and high
status in Jannah where she can see the fruits of her la-
bour. May he too reward our other scholars of Sun-
nahFollowers abundantly.