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Learning Islam

& the Internet

Seeking knowledge of Islam in the twenty-first century can be
easy due to the many available Islamic resources. For example
when it comes to learning the sunnah; thanks to the works of
early scholars such as Imam Bukhari and Muslim, all one has to
do is read the right books. And when it comes to learning
Aqeedah, works from renown scholars such as Ibn Tamiyyah
have been translated from Arabic into other languages.

But of all the resources available, the greatest and most pow-
erful is the internet. Through it one can log onto the digital
world of cyberspace; connect and then share with Muslims
worldwide. However as delightful as this may seem, there are
many dangers awaiting the unsuspecting Muslim who relies on
the digital world for knowledge of Islam. In this article I will
list some of those dangers.
By: Sister Laila Nasheeba