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1. Beware of the Internet
The digital world allows any-
one to hide behind a com-
puter and be whatever he
wants to be, including a
scholar of Islam. All that is
needed is a good speaking
voice, the ability to manipu-
late words, and the title of
"Sheikh". If you speak Ara-
bic that makes it even eas-
ier. Just throw a few Arabic
terms around, manipulate
words, and now you are a
scholar of Islam!

The seeker of knowledge
must not be duped by the ti-
tle of "sheikh" and he must
understand that the true
scholars of Islam are rare,
few, and busy. While the
internet scholars call to cy-
berspace, the true scholar's
call to the Masjid; for the
reward of Muslim men is
found there, not on the
internet. Also Sheikh means
"old man" and many are the
old men of cyberspace. Few
indeed are its scholars of Is-
2. Beware of Internet
Tawheed for a miser-
able price.
Allah says in the interpreta-
tion of the meaning:
"Therefore (O! People)
fear not men but fear Me
(Allah) and sell not My
Signs (verses of the Quran)
for a miserable price. If any
do fail to judge by (the
light of) what Allah hath re-
vealed they are (no better
unbelievers. "
Quran ( 5 : 44 )
Also the prophet (sa) said

"When anyone recites the
Qur'an, let him ask a re-
ward for it from Allah, for
people will arise who will
recite the Qur'an and ask a
reward for it from men."
Al-Tirmidhi Hadees No: