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These are the days in which
we are living. Sadly there
are many "Islamic schools"
on the internet that teach
the basics of Islam;
(Tawheed, Quran, Hadith),
yet they charge hundreds of
dollars. Many of these
schools are operated by indi-
viduals who are aware of
how weak and vulnerable
this Ummah can be, and
thus they make their living
offering Islamic degrees in
exchange for money; know-
ing that a piece of paper
does not make one a scholar.
In fact the title "scholar" is
not something bought and
paid for. Instead it is some-
thing "earned" and "given"
to an individual by his peers.
The best scholars of this na-
tion did not possess secular

The seeker of knowledge
must understand that a per-
son would do better taking
his money and investing it in
a technological degree so
he can support his family;
rather than investing in a
piece of paper that lacks
scholarship and monetary
gain. Also the best way to
learn Islam is the way the
prophet (sa) learned and
taught it; and that is by sit-
ting directly with the people
of knowledge and learning
from them.
3. Beware of Fatawah
online websites
Imam Muslim narrates in his
sahih that Abdullah b. 'Amr
b. al-'As reported Allah's
Messenger (may peace be
upon him) as saying:
"Verily, Allah does not
take away knowledge by
snatching it from the peo-
ple but He takes away
knowledge by taking away
the scholars, so that when
He leaves no learned per-
son, and the people turn
to ignorant ones as their
leaders; then they are
asked to deliver religious
verdicts and they deliver
them without knowledge,
going astray and leading
others astray."