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The seeker of knowledge
must beware, beware, be-
ware of the Fatawah online
websites; and there are hun-
dreds of them. The digital
age is an age wherein any-
one can make a website; so
thus we find many muslims
living out their ,,wannabee
scholarly dreams with the
help of these question and
answer websites. A great
number of these sites are
owned by teen aged children
who are not only quick to is-
sue Islamic verdicts, but also
quickly make slanderous
websites attacking you, if
you dare to oppose their de-
The seeker of knowledge
must understand that issuing
Islamic verdicts is a serious
job to undertake and not all
are qualified to do this. If
truly searching for an an-
swer to an Islamic issue, I
recommend the seeker of
knowledge to consult with
his or her local Imam. That
would be better than con-
sulting with unknown indi-
viduals from the internet.

4. The Internet Can Never
Replace the Mosque

"In houses which Allah has
ordered to be raised high
in them his name is remem-
bered. They glorify him in
mornings, afternoons and
Quran 24: 36
The seeker of knowledge
must realize that the
mosque is the house of Allah
and it cannot be replaced by
a digital house. Muslim men
must understand that they
cannot pray behind an Imam
online, and their rewards lie
with Allah in the mosque. It
is quite sad to see, Muslim
men sitting on the internet
when they should be spend-
ing that time in the Masjid.
Even during the most holy
month of the year, we find
these men sitting on the
internet claiming to give
dawah, when they need to
be at the Masjid.