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A seven hours drive north,
Hope, Arkansas is almost
proud of how small and
"country" it is. Its highest,
and maybe only, achieve-
ment is being the birthplace
of former President Bill Clin-
ton, and even he moved
away when he was about
five years old. The people,
though friendly, are all the
same; born and raised there,
go to church there, die
there. Hope would not be
easy for a Muslim, or, for
that matter, anyone who did
not go to one of the main-
stream Protestant churches.
Not only would you be to-
tally isolated from the near-
est Muslim community (two
hours away in Little Rock),
you would not fair well with
the locals.
Arkansas, along with the
rest of the South, is a strong
and proud believer in the
slogan "These Colors Dont
Run" which was introduced
soon after 9/11. Many peo-
ple in Arkansas view the
world as being US and THEM.
Few of them can tell you
where Iraq or Afghanistan is
on a globe, but it doesnt
matter because "they aint
US." The Klan keeps a low
profile, but it is very much
alive. Many of the people I
grew up with, even those
younger than me, have very
narrow and unbending views
on religion, to the point that
if one goes to a Baptist
church, all other denomina-
tions are doomed to hell.
And thats just the other
Christians! Imagine what
happens to a non-Christian!!
A person who is not "saved"
is pitied by all, and so is the
sinners family. Every effort
and opportunity will be used
to convince this person to go
to church. Repent, and be
born again. A person who