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walks away from the faith
altogether, what shame has
this person brought to his
parents! Oh, how his mother
must cry for his lost soul!
They must not have raised
that child in church; they
must have failed God in
some way. How can such
people ever set foot in
church again?
These thoughts were run-
ning through my head as our
trip wound down. I was get-
ting more and more nervous
as the mile markers ticked
off the miles. I was worried
not only for myself about
wearing this foreign piece of
cloth on my head, but also
for my family. Would they be
embarrassed to be seen with
me? Would they ask or tell
me to take it off before go-
ing out with me? Would peo-
ple start berating them with
questions once I left, how
could you let Tina go off and
do such a thing? She used to
sing solos in church, she
went to church camp and bi-
ble school every summer,
she had twelve years of per-
fect attendance in Sunday
This is what happens when
you let your daughters marry
a foreigner, a non-Christian.
Yoking a believer to a non-
believer, as the bible says.
She leaves the faith and be-
comes lost just like him!
All these ridiculous accusa-
tions are totally groundless,
of course. My husband had
nothing to do with my con-
version to Islam. Yes, I had
always been involved in
church activities but in real-
ity they had gotten me no
where, which was why I was
involved in all of them al-
ways looking for something