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Tawheed Class on "Reliance
on Allah." This lecture spoke
directly to me, and I knew
that Allah had put it on her
heart to give it right before I
went to Hope, alhumdulil-
lah, and I am sure that it
had also touched many of
the other students in differ-
ent ways as they try to deal
with their own tests in life.
I had expected it to be
hard, I had expected that I
would be too scared or shy
to speak or even to look
anyone in the eyes. But al-
humdulillah, I suddenly
found that wearing hijab-MY
hijab-was not difficult at all.
After so many years of being
afraid to wear it in my home
town, I realized I had been
scared for nothing! I was
suddenly proud to wear it.

I wore my hijab the whole
time I was there, and I
looked everyone in the eye
to make sure they knew I
was not going to take it off
for anyone. I went to Hot
Springs with my mom, I went
to our favourite catfish
place outside of Hope, I
went to the Hope Wal Mart,
the ultimate test for any
Muslimah. Every single per-
son I knew in Hope could
possibly be there, and even
my husband didnt want me
to go. But once again, I
closed my eyes; I took a
deep breath, "Audhubillah
min ash-shaytan nir-rajim." I
walked in and kept my head
up. Alhumdulillah, once
again I felt Allahs protec-
tion and my fear gave way
to determination.
I was no longer going to let
the potential glares and
rude comments of ignorant
people keep me from follow-
ing Allahs command.