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And I realized something
else-I had been ignorant as
well! All these years I had
been afraid of what people
might say, I had never really
given then a chance to say
anything at all! All those
years I could have been
wearing hijab, following Al-
lahs command, not living as
a hypocrite, but I had just
assumed it would be diffi-
cult. I had never prayed that
duah before then, I had
never asked Allah to help me
to remain strong. I had
never relied on Allah before.
I had failed this test so many
times, and now, alhumdulil-
lah, I felt totally indestructi-
ble! No one could harm me,
no one could hurt me. I was
under Allahs protection. I
was following His Command
to cover. I was showing the
world who and what I really
was. I was representing my
religion, proudly, and maybe
I was the first Muslimah to
ever wear hijab in Hope, Ar-
kansas. Who knows? Maybe,
there was another 18 year
old country girl, reading
about Islam for the first
time or maybe she is won-
dering if it is really possible
to live as a covered Muslim
woman all of the time, no
matter where you are. And
maybe she saw me wearing
hijab, maybe she realized
that wearing the hijab isnt
as bad as it may seem