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Dear Sheikh,
My husband and I have been
married for 10 years. I became
Muslim to marry him but we
never practiced Islam before.
Alhumduliallah he has guided
me to SunnahFollowers and
now I am doing my best to be
the best Muslim I can be, but
my husband refuses to practice.
What can I do to help my hus-
band to start practising and liv-
ing Islam.
Al Hamdulillah wassalatu Wassalamu Ala Rasulillah.

All praises are due to Allah and peace be upon the prophet Mu-
hammed (SAW)
In answer to a question concerning sisters guided to the path of
Allah, and living with a Muslim husband, but not practicing Islam
and in some cases preventing them or giving them hard time in
fulfilling the commands of Allah.
Ask the Scholar
Answered by,
Jamel Ben Ameur