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I say with the help of Allah and His Tawfeeq, O! sisters in
Eman, I would like first to remind you the story of one of
the greatest women in the history of human kind, Aasi-
yah, the wife of Pharoah :
"And Allah sets forth an example, to those who believe, of
the wife of Pharoah when she said: My Lord! build for me
a house with Thee in the garden and deliver me from
Pharoan and his wrongdoing, and deliver me from the un-
just people"
The wife of Pharoah was confronted to a tremendous trial:
hold onto the deen of Allah, or submit to the tyranny of
Pharoah to save herself from being killed. By doing so, she
could keep her status of a queen and live in the most
luxurious life style. However with the blessing of Allah she
chose Islam. She chose the real luxurious life.
The wife of Pharoah is a role model for all the believers
male and female and her story is guidance and mercy to
us and especially for those sisters who are encountering
difficulties within the household.

In consideration of this great story of the wife of Pharoah,
follow directives that InshaAllah help to face the issue
mentioned in the following pages:
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