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Conciliation actions:

4- First seek correction within the household by advice
not insult, by kindness not dispute.
5- Show extra care and kindness and make it clear that
this better behavior is the result of the practice of the
6- Express the happiness you live, the sweetness you
feel and the tranquility you have. Imply that this
started with the coming back to Allah. And express to
him that your great wish is to live together this great

7- Communicate to him that real happiness goes into
the eternity and that you want to share this together.
8- Specify that you are still the same person he knows,
but what changed is a gift you got from Allah that you
wish it will encompass the whole family.
9- Show pride and express that independence will not
harm you as long as Allah is with you. But show that
your eagerness for him to repent is an expression of
your love to him.