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Engaging in any of these four
will cause serious damage to
the heart, thus making the
heart hard and unhealthy.
When we mention unneces-
sary talk we are referring to
backbiting, obscene and mis-
leading talk, showing off or
debating in any form, as well
as lying and mockery. Lets
hear what the Prophet
(s.a.w) had to say about the
heart and how unnecessary
talk is effected by it.
It is reported in al-Musnad,
on the authority of Anas, that
the Prophet (s.a.w) said:
The faith of a servant is not
put right until his heart is put
right, and his heart is not put
right until his tongue is put
In the hadith mentioned
above, we learn that in order
to correct our faith we must
first correct our tongues.
We also mentioned failure to
lower the gaze. There is a
connection between the eyes
and the heart. When we fail
to protect what we see, it
leads us to become attracted
to the image, imprinting the
image in our heart, and con-
sequently causing severe
damage to our hearts.
It has been related that the
prophet (s.a.w) once said
words to the effect: The
glance is a poison arrow
from Shaytan. Whoever low-
ers his gaze for Allah, He will
bestow upon him a refresh-
ing sweetness which he will
find in his heart on the day
t ha t he m e ets wi th
Him. (Tabarani)
Shaytan enters the heart
with the glance, for he travels
fast. He makes what we see
appear to be more attractive
than what it really is, building
for us an idol for