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the heart to worship. Then he
starts to whisper false prom-
ises, lights the fire of evil de-
sires with it, and fuels it with
wood of forbidden actions,
which we would have not en-
gaged in if it was not for this
distorted image. As a result,
it causes the heart to be dis-
tracted and forgetful of our
main concern, the remem-
brance of Allah.
Small amounts of food guar-
antee us tenderness of the
heart, strong intellect, hum-
bleness, and gentle behav-
iour. Excessive eating results
us to become in opposition to
all of these praiseworthy
Al-Miqdam Mad ibn Yakrib
said: I heard the Messenger
of Allah (s.a.w) say: The son
of Adam fills no vessel more
displeasing to All‚h than his
stomach. A few morsels
should be enough for him to
preserve his strength. If he
must fill it, then he should al-
low a third for his food, a
third for his drink and leave a
third empty for easy breath-
ing. (Tirmidhi)
Excessive eating makes the
heart incline towards disobe-
dience to Allah. Due to ex-
cessive eating worship and
obedience become difficult to
do because of the heaviness
of the body. As a result of ex-
tensive eating, it deprives us
from earning the love of Allah
by preventing us from doing
good deeds throughout our
day. It becomes an easy task
for Shaytan to deceive one
who has filled his or her
stomach with too much food
and drink, which is why it is
so often said: Restrict the
pathways of Shaytan by fast-
ing. (al-Ghazzallis al-Ihya,