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And lastly, but not the least
important poison of the heart,
is the keeping of bad com-
pany. Unnecessary compan-
ionship is a chronic disease
that causes much harm. In
keeping such company we
can find the roots of loss,
both in this life and in the
hereafter. In an authentic
Hadith, Prophet Muhammad
(s.a.w) said: Man is influ-
enced by the faith of his
friends. Therefore, be careful
of whom you associate with,
as wrong company can
cause us to deviate, and be-
come heedless to the com-
mands of Allah (s.w.t) and
the Prophet (s.a.w).
Now, the question is how can
we revive our hearts and sof-
ten them? The same way all
of the above mentioned poi-
sons of the heart make us
deviate away from obedience
to Allah, making our hearts ill
with evil desires and actions,
controlling them will only
bring the pleasure and re-
ward of Allah.
Thus, acts of obedience are
indispensable to the well be-
ing of the heart. It is worth-
while to mention the follow-
ing acts of obedience, since
they are very necessary and
essential to keep a soft and
healthy heart:
Remembrance of Allah:
Allah says (in the interpreta-
tion of the meaning):
...for men and women who
guard their chastity and for
men and women who en-
gage much in Allah`s
praise for them has Allah
prepared forgiveness and
great reward. (33:35)