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Also, He is successful who
purifies himself. And remem-
bers the Name of his Lord,
and prays. (87:14-15)
Allah also says: Those who
believe, and whose hearts
find comfort in the remem-
brance of Allah, behold, in
the Remembrance of Allah
do hearts find satisfac-
tion. (13-28)
Recitation of the Quran:
Allah says (in the interpreta-
tion of the meaning): And
We send down of the Quran
that which is a healing and a
mercy to those who believe
(in Islamic Monotheism and
act on it), and it increases
the Zaalimoon (polytheists
and wrongdoers) nothing but
loss (17:82)
Seeking forgiveness from Al-
Allah says (in the interpreta-
tion of the meaning): O you
who believe! Turn to Allah in
sincere repentance! It maybe
that your Lord will remove
your evil from you... (66:8)
Making Du`a:
Verily your Lord is Gener-
ous and Shy. If His servant
raises his hands to Him (in
supplication) He becomes
s h y t o r e t ur n th em
empty. (Ahmad, Abu Da-
wood, Tirmidhi)
Allah says: Implore Me, I
will respond to your
(invocation). Surely, those
who are too arrogant to wor-
ship Me will surely enter en-
ter Hell in hum ilia-
tion!. (40:60)