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A while ago I was asked, why
I am no longer Shia, and
what the difference is in
how I practiced Islam then,
and how I practice now. I
will attempt to answer those
questions in this article insh

First let me start by saying,
it was not up to me, it was
Allah who guided me, I
poured my heart out to Allah
begging him submissively to
guide me, and I was deter-
mined that I would not allow
arrogance to accompany me
in my journey for knowl-

It wasnt until I got on the
internet that I learned about
the difference between Shia
and Sunni. I always thought
the only difference was that
Sunnis pray with their arms
up while Shia prays with
their arms down.
Coming Back
to the Sunnah
In this article Sister Christy Crouse a student of
SunnahFollowers shares her experience of her
journey coming back to the Sunnah. Many of us
declare that we follow the Sunnah to its truthful-
ness. But what if you found out that all along you
had been following something of great devi-
ance. Sister Zanooba details her journey to her
path back to the Sunnah and the effect it has
had on her.