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Coming Back
to the Sunnah
On yahoo chat I met with
many different kinds of Mus-
lims and argued about relig-
ion. I was so arrogant to
think I could teach when I
myself had no knowledge, I
argued against Sunnis and
did not even know what they
believed from their own
sources, all my information
was from the mouths of my
Shia teachers and friends.

One day as I was arguing
with a former shia I was
made aware of my arro-
gance and lack of knowl-
edge, He asked me what
books I had studied from,
and asked me for my proof,
all I could say was that my
knowledge came from what I
had heard through people,
he informed me that in Is-
lam there are no opinions
and we have to have proof
for everything. Feeling de-
feated, I decided to get the
proof but all I really got
were peoples opinions of
the historical facts. When I
asked for proof I was
pointed to Shia books and
given emotionally motivated

During the life of the
Prophet Mohammed (pbuh)
there were countless saha-
bahs that had surrounded
him, just to name a few
were, Abu Bakr, Omar, Uth-
man, Ali, Abu Sufyan and
Muawiya r.a. He loved his
companions and considered
them the best amongst man-
kind, If the prophet loved
his companions who was I to
hate them?
"Narrated Abdullah: The
Prophet pbuh said, "The
best people are those living
in my generation, and then
those who will follow them,
and then those who will
follow the latter."
We can determine by the
Quran and Hadiths that we
have to follow the prophet
and his companions.