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Although the prophet did
not make any clear state-
ments that Abu Bakr should
be the reigning Caliph, he
has mentioned that people
should come to Abu Bakr r.a
if the prophet was not avail-
able one example of that is
Narrated Jubair bin Mutim:
A woman came to the
Prophet who ordered her
to return to him again. She
said, "What if I came and
did not find you?" as if she
wanted to say, "If I found
you dead?" The Prophet
said, "If you should not find
me, go to Abu Bakr."
Furthermore every human
who is living will die, and Al-
lah the exalted said about
the prophet Mohammed

Muhammad pbuh is no
more than a Messenger,
and indeed (many) Messen-
gers have passed away be-
fore him. If he dies or is
killed, will you then turn
back on your heels (as dis-
believers)? And he who
turns back on his heels, not
the least harm will he do to
All‚h, and All‚h will give
reward to those who are

Allah also warned us against
elevating the prophet Mo-
hammed pbuh but the shia
have raised the Prophet and
their Imams to a level of in-
fallibility making him per-
fect and following his line-
age. But Allah clearly told us
in the interpretation of the
Muhammad is not the fa-
ther of any of your men,
but (he is) the Messenger
of Allah, and the Seal of
the Prophets: and Allah has
full knowledge of all things.

An alleged incident ensued
after the death of the
prophet Mohammed regard-
ing his beloved daughter
Fatima *May Allah give her
the highest level in para-
dise*, the shia claim that
Abu Bakr, Omar and Uthman
marched over to Alis r.a