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house, threatened Fatima
with burning down her
house, then kicked in her
door, causing her to have a
miscarriage which eventu-
ally led to her death. If this
were actually the case Ali r.a
would have never stood by
silently, He would have
stood on the highest pulpit
and announced the injustice
done to the Prophets daugh-
ter, But he did not, nor did
he announce to anybody
that he should have been
the reigning caliph and his
continuous friendship with
Abu Bakr was proof that this
was an outrageous lie.

The incident was said to
have occurred because of
Fatimas resistance to give
up the property of fadak.
"Narrated 'Aisha: Fatima
sent somebody to Abu Bakr
asking him to give her her
Prophet from what Allah
had given to His Apostle
through Fai (i.e. booty
gained without fighting).
She asked for the Sadaqa
(i.e. wealth assigned for
charitable purposes) of the
Prophet at Medina, and
Fadak, and what remained
of the Khumus (i.e., one-
fifth) of the Khaibar booty.
Abu Bakr said, "Allah's
A p o s t l e
s a i d ,
' W e
(Prophets), our property is
not inherited, and what-
ever we leave is Sadaqa,
but Muhammad's Family
can eat from this property,
i.e. Allah's property, but
they have no right to take
more than the food they
need.' By Allah! I will not
bring any change in dealing
with the Sadaqa of the
Prophet (and will keep
them) as they used to be
observed in his (i.e. the
Prophet's) life-time, and I
will dispose with it as Al-
lah's Apostle used to do,"
Then 'Ali said, "I testify
that None has the right to
be worshipped but Allah,
and that Muhammad is His
Apostle," and added, "O
Abu Bakr! We acknowledge
your superiority." Then he
(i.e. 'Ali) mentioned their
own relationship to Allah's
Apostle and their right.