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Abu Bakr then spoke say-
ing, "By Allah in Whose
Hands my life is. I love to
do good to the relatives of
Allah's Apostle rather than
to my own relatives" Abu
Bakr added: Look at Mu-
hammad through his family
(i.e. if you are no good to
his family you are not good
to him)."
Narrated 'Aisha: Fatima
and Al'Abbas came to Abu
Bakr, claiming their inheri-
tance of the Prophet's land
of Fadak and his share
from Khaibar. Abu Bakr
said, "I heard the Prophet
saying, 'Our property is
not inherited, and what-
ever we leave is to be
given in charity. But the
family of Muhammad can
take their sustenance from
this property.' By Allah, I
would love to do good to
the Kith and kin of Allah's
Apostle rather than to my
own Kith and kin."
Abu Bakr was put in an im-
possible position, on one
hand the Prophet pbuh in-
structed him that none shall
inherit from him which
meant he had to refuse in-
heritance to Fatima, and
even Aisha , He was stead-
fast in his decision though as
to not deviate away from
the will of the prophet, and
even instructed Aisha r.a to
relinquish her own inheri-
tance when he should pass
away, in order to cause unity
in the Ummah.

Another point of guidance
for me was when I was pray-
ing in the mosque, and as a
Shia I prostrated on a clay
tablet with Arabic words
written on it, at first I
couldnt read those words
but I took an Arabic class
and learned to put letters
together forming words. As I
stood in prayer I concen-
trated on the rock, putting
the letters together, Alif
Lam Ya , then Ha Sin Ya Nun
which spelled Ali, and Hus-
sain . I immediately stopped
praying and grabbed the
rock further investigating it
looking for at least the word
ALLAH to appear but it