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wasnt there, it wouldnt
have mattered anyway be-
cause Allah is not a clay tab-
let. As I stood there with
tears flowing down my face
begging Allah to forgive me,
I recalled the story of the
Arab pagans worshipping
idols formed from clay. The
sad thing is many Shia pray
on this rock not knowing the
significance or that it is as-
sociating partners with Al-

My life has changed so much
since accepting the Sunnah,
I no longer add Alis name in
the Azan, I also pray five
separate times a day instead
of combining the five
prayers to three times i.e
morning, afternoon and eve-
ning, unless of course I am
traveling. I no longer wait
until its almost Isha prayer
time to break my fast, Dur-
ing the tashahud (which is
the last part of the prayer
while sitting on ones legs) I
r e c i t e
t h e
Ta h i y a t
(greetings) differently as
well, I put my hands on my
chest when I pray instead of
at my side, and most impor-
tantly I adhere to Tawheed
(Islamic Monotheism)

Since I started following the
true Sunnah, Allah has given
me many blessings. He has
given me a pious husband, a
healthy baby, a wonderful
teacher, good friends and a
large Muslim community. Al-
hamdoolilah, Allah is the
best of planners and the one
who guides. From Darkness
to Light, Allah guides whom
he wills to his light.