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Living in an
Those who devour usury
will not stand except as
stands one whom the devil
by his touch has driven to
madness. That is because
they say: Trade is like
usury: but Allah has per-
mitted trade and forbidden
usury.... Allah will deprive
usury of all blessing, but
will give increase for deeds
of charity, for He loves not
any ungrateful sinner.... O
you, who believe, fear Al-
lah and give up what re-
mains of your demand for
usury, if you are indeed be-
lievers. If you do it not,
take notice of war from Al-
lah and His messenger, but
if you repent you shall
have your capital sums;
deal not unjustly, you shall
not be dealt with unjustly.
And if the debtor is in diffi-
culty, grant him time till it
is easy for him to repay.
But if you remit it by way
of charity, that is best for
you if you only knew

[Surah al Baqarah, verse
275-280 ].

The question is how as Mus-
lims living in the United
States do we avoid interest
when we are surrounded by
it? Think with me a moment,
we wake up daily in our bed
that we bought on 90 days
same as cash, We shower in
the home that we bought on
interest paying monthly for
the next 30 years, we put on
our clothes that was placed
on that credit card that you
have your precious cats pic-
ture placed on it, and then
get into your car that is yet
again bought on interest
driving down a road that was
paved in government debt.
The daily life in the western
world revolves around inter-
est. Allah s.w.t knows best
when he tells us "DONT DE-
VOUR USURY!" We as Mus-
lims need to take heed of
this command and not take
on the typical attitude of I
live in the USA so therefore I
have no choice. That is only
an excuse.