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Islam is the true religion, a faith upon the middle path. We are
neither extreme in violence nor do we go to extremes with
peace. We have the right to defend ourselves from aggressors. As
Muslims we understand protection and security comes from Allah.
.But like everything else in life we do everything in our own
power and we rely on Allah. We should not be weak, fearful, and
inactive because we are muslims. Our deen does not require us to
become cowardly. As a matter of fact our noble prophet Muham-
mad (peace be upon him) has told us that Allah loves the strong
muslim more than the weak muslim.
We are living in a time period when no human being is safe from
the hands of another. Rape, murder, assaults, and other violent
crimes run rapid. I know statistically here in America a woman is
violently attacked every 6 seconds. Since those numbers are so
staggering I encourage all muslims and especially the muslim sis-
ters to learn some form of self defence. Since many of us do not
have the time or money to receive martial arts training, I'm put-
ting together this article and insha Allah more in the future to
teach you a few basic techniques to use against common street
What I will be addressing in this issue is an attacker choking you
with both hands around your throat. This form of attack is very
common in domestic assaults and rapes so its extremely impor-
tant for Muslimahs to learn how to defend against this type of at-
elf Defence