background image
In photo 5 I am grabbing the back of
his head and smashing him in the
face with a head butt. Although I am
utilizing my forehead in this picture
its much safer to use the side of your
head when hitting someone with a
head butt. The reason it is safer is
because if you hit your attackers
teeth and cut open your forehead,
blood could leak into your eyes im-
pairing your vision while a cut on the
side of ones head will not bleed into
the eyes.
Immediately after this in photo 4 I am driv-
ing both of my elbows down and out. By now
his grip should be completely broken. After
breaking his grip I am driving both my
thumbs into his eye sockets in the fourth
picture. To some this may seem a little ex-
treme but in reality if someone' is choking
the life out of you, they are not very con-
cerned about your personal well-being ei-
ther .Trying to play nice and by the rules
only cripples your techniques and puts you
at a disadvantage. Remember when you
train eye gouging with a partner put your
thumbs on your partners eyebrows instead
of their eyes so as not to injure them.