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ern movement which advocates nothing but the pleasing of
the soul/desires whatever the consequences may be. There-
fore the number one aim in life even within Muslims is the
motto of: ,,enjoy today for tomorrow may not come. With this
in mind it is doubtless to say that the component of Taqwa is
diminishing rapidly within our Ummah. The loss of the compo-
nent of Taqwa has its consequences which can be seen within
our communities. Many young Muslims, even elder Muslims
are quick to disobeying Allah, whether it is in neglecting a
command from Allah, or refusing to accepting a law from Al-
lah or even adding to the religion things which are not part of
it. Moreover we see how many Muslims are quick to surren-
der to the kafir system even if it means jeopardising our faith
and practises. For example, in the work field we see the Mus-
limah abandoning her hijab and the Muslim brother shaving
his beard to accommodate for a particular job. Some of us
will go as far as missing our prayers because ,,it can wait till
later on. Subhanallah, as sad as it may seem this is the true
nature of the Muslim community wherever they may be today
and this all accounts for the lack of Taqwa within
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