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ourselves and also in the community. The result of the lack of
Taqwa in the community is like the chain reaction of the dom-
ino effect. In other words the effects wont stop there, rather
we raise future generations lacking in Taqwa and thus are
easily prone to give into their desires and wants, however evil
they may be! This is exactly what we see in our Ummah today.

Taqwa is the food that awakens the soul and extinguishes the
black covering that has been hovering over it for a long time.
It is the constant reminder of our purpose here in life and it
provides the boundaries and limits required to live in this
world. It was for this reason I wanted this magazine to be
centred around the theme of Taqwa, because I believe by
planting a seed of this components into our hearts and lives,
our conditions would drastically change, changing the future
generation of this religion to a dazzling one than the darkened
one we see now, and moreover improve our current relation-
ship with Allah.
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