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Our connection with Allaah is not

We're missing Khushoo and devo-
tion in our Salaah.

Our hearts have rusted from little
or no remembrance of Allah.

Our Quraan has collected too much
dust from sitting on the shelf.

We didn't fast before, and if we
did, our eyes, tongues and ears did

We need to get ourselves back on
track, to remember death, the
Hereafter, and the constant super-
vision of AllaahI.

Our relationships: brother to
brother and sister to sister is in a
miserable condition.

We have too much doubts and sus-
picions about one another.

We have committed too much
dhulm (oppression), injustice to
one another.

To purify ourselves from the evil
actions of the hearts and tongues,
such as: backbiting, there is envy,
jealousy, slander and spiteness.

We don't firmly believe in the
promises of Allaah, such as: charity