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Our problems with solu-

Our disparity with unity.
Brothers and sisters:
We really need Ramadhaan.
Look around you, look to
your right, to your left, in
front of you, and behind you,
you'll say, we need Ramad-
haan because:
The sisters aren't covering

Brothers and sisters are not
lowering the gaze.

Brothers and sisters are

Too much time spent on
phones and on the internet,
and little time for worship.

Our relations are in a mess.
We need to get our act to-

We want to come to the
Masjid, face the Qiblah and
say 'Allaahu Akbar' in a long
qiyaam, and a long sujood
until those diseases, that
filth, that sickness, that
hardness of the heart go
We need Ramadhaan:
So that reminds us of the

That reminds us that we
haven't been given a cer-
tificate that we are the
people of Jannah.

That lets us know that we
are servants of Allaah.

That remind us that if we
were to spend our whole
life, from the time we
were born until the Day of
Judgment in prostration,
it would not be enough to
thank Allaah for part of
His Mercy, His Grace and
His Blessings.
We need Ramadhaan be-
Little fear of Allaah is left
in our hearts, little hope
for the Jannah, little desire