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to change to be better and
We need to correct our be-
havior, differences, difficul-
ties, the envy, and jealousies
in our relationships.

We need to understand that
we have been committing in-
justice to one another. And
as the Prophet (saw) said:
'Az-zulm (injustice) ­
Zulumaat yawmal Qiyaamah'
­we'll be changed physically
into darkness on the Day of

We need to understand the
Hadith: "to fear the Du'aa of
the one to whom we have
done injustice. For there is
not between Allaah and the
person making the invoca-
tion, the person making that
supplication of the person to
whom injustice has been
done, there is no veil be-
tween that person and Al-
laah. That Du'aa is immedi-