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The oppressor will under-
stand why his things are not
going right: tripping into
this and falling into that;
slipping there and sliding
here, wondering why he
can't get ahead? Why he
can't progress in his life or
Deen? Why he can't memo-
rize this ayah? Why he can't
understand this hadeeth? He
really needs Ramadan to re-
form. I know I need a
Ramadhaan to reform, And
we know we need Ramad-
haan to reform.

So we bury it with repen-
tance, regret, realizing that
we are wrong, realizing that
we are weak, we need Allah I
for strength.
We need Ramadhaan! Oh
Yes!! We need Ramadhaan.
We needs nights of Qiyaam.
We need lots of Du'aa in
long sujood,