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We need to listen to the
Quraan, to study Quraan, to
implement the Quraan, and
this Ramadhaan may be our
final Ramadhaan.

We want to come out of
Ramadhaan with Taqwa, be-
cause that was the main rea-
son that it was legislated. 'O
you who believe fasting has
been written upon you as it
was written for those before
you, so that you may gain
Taqwa.' Oh yes, Taqwa is the
fear of AllaahI. If we had
Taqwa, our condition will be
better, if we had Taqwa our
relationships would be
smoother, if we had Taqwa
father to son, sister to
brother, uncle, aunt, niece
and nephew, husband and
wife, the relationships
would be better if they are
based upon Taqwa.

We want to be as the
Prophet (saw) was. He was