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the most generous, he was gener-
ous in general and he was most
generous in Ramadhaan. Like the
good wind, spending, giving to his
right, to his left, in front of him,
behind him, and giving to anyone
who came. He even gave without
them asking...take action and
spend on sunnahfollowers to pro-
mote your faith and others!
We need to control our desires,
our tongue, our limbs, and our
anger. We need to do things
with faith in Ramadhaan not out
of habit, or tradition, and sun-
nahfollowers teaches you that!
My sincere advice to you all is:
Worry about yourself first this
Ramadhaan, ask yourself:
Am I cheap and stingy?
Am I a serious Muslim?
Am I backbiting too much?
Am I slandering?
Am I committing indecency?
Am I committing gheebah?
Am I committing Nameemah

Do I have 'hasad' (envy)?
Do I have pride (Kibr)?