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Am I arrogant
(pride)? Am I too harsh?
Am I unkind?

Am I shaving my beard,
dragging my pants, stir-
ring at sisters, smoking,
involved in alcohole, or

Was my intention when I
said what I said or did
what I did for the pleasure
of AllaahI, or to be no-

When I spoke what I
spoke was it for the pleas-
ure of Allaah I or to be
seen or heard? IF YES To
ANY, then:
Please change, come back to
Allah, repent, cry for your
sin. It is ok, yes men cry, if
fact real men cry. Allah
loves you, he'll take you, no
sin is too big for his mercy,
show him that you are
sorry, that you need him, he
will be there for you.