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interpretation of the mean-
"This is the Book; in it is
g u i d a n c e s u r e w i t h o u t
doubt to the Muttaqeen
[people of Taqwa]. Who be-
lieve in the Unseen are
steadfast in prayer and
spend out of what We have
provided for them. And who
believe in the Revelation
sent to thee and sent before
thy time and (in their hearts)
have the assurance of the
Hereafter. They are on
(true) guidance from their
Lord and it is these who are
the successful. (al-Baqarah
So such should be the goal
of every Muslim and Allah
assures us that fasting is
the best way to achieve this
"and fast, it is better for you,
i f o n l y y o u k n e w " [ a l -