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Ramadan is the month of the
Ramadan is the month
o f i n c r e a s i n g g o o d
deeds and one of the
best deeds to do during
this month is to read
and ponder the Quran.
For every letter read,
the Prophet (sa) said:
"Whoever recites a let-
ter from the Book of Al-
lah, he will be credited
with a good deed,and a
good deed gets a ten-
fold reward..."
Since all good deeds
are multiplied during
this month, one would
be foolish to not take
advantage of this op-

Why does Ramadan
have such a special
relationship with the
Quran? The answer is
simple. It was during
this month that the
Quran was revealed.
Allah tells us in the in-
te r pr e ta ti on o f th e

"The month of Rama-
dan is the one in which
the Quran was sent
down, a guidance for